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Terrible service

On the first day, as soon as we arrive we conplain about a lipstick that was under the bed (in covid-19 Times), on the next day the person in charge came into my door, without a mask, trying to tell us that is staff isn't responsable for that, almost saying that was our fault. The dishes are poorly whashed, the sponge on the kitchen was not new, the jacuzzi water can't be drained or restored, what make us think that is Always the same for all clients. They claim is "treated" what ever that means. We could see from our Room window the cleaning ladys, cleaning the last gest house Next door, in 10 minutes, without a mask and pooring the dirty water from the floor, right in front of the house. This is not covid right for sure. On the last day, after leaving the house at the check out time we try to contact arcoshouse phone number and nobody answer, to ask if we can spend the rest of the day in the pool. Try to find someone to ask, and was nobody in the facilitys. At 16pm a very rude Lady named Cláudia came to the pool without a mask, telling me that i'm no longer a gest so i'm no longer welcome and that i have to leave the facilitys. It was shamefull, and i have to reenforce that in total, at the time, only 6people are using the pool surrondings. The village is awesome and the facilitys are great, but the staff and the maneging is the worst experience of my life! And i never complained before in my life, so, that bad. I have pictures of all that. Not clean, not friendly, not covid ready, not there problem. I Will conplain to the sanitary authoritys and send those pictures. This property needs to be closed right away. It's dangerous to operate like this. Never again Never again.…

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